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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life As A Parkour Photographer

And for my first post:

So if you have read my description:my name is Jeremiah Washington, I am the Hub Freerunning Team Photographer and also a Practitioner of Parkour for 3 years. (so dont give me Bullshit like "I just a photographer" cause i can hold my own)

When i was first starting photography I can admit...I was trying everything. I just started high school and hair was growing everywhere on my body and i had no idea what i was becoming.
  At the time, Parkour was a small thing no one knew about (yea i know three years makes a difference)

Since this is a blog for information i shall give you some tips if your just starting out:

1. Use the internet to your advantage.
I cant tell you how many places i went to learn Videography/Photography. YouTube is your best friend. Also look up sports photographers and study there pictures.
Also study Parkour videos,and i mean the good ones.

I know that 'study' isn't something you wanna hear but seriously? its not that hard. just look at the shit that you like and incorporate it in your photos(Excuse my American)

2. Shoot as much as possible

I dont give a crap(see i caught myself) what you shoot as long as its in constant motion and it looks interesting. the more practice you get the better you'll be at it. (see, the philosophy of parkour can be applied to everything)

3. IMPORTANT!! Invest in a good camera(Preferably a Multitasker)
If you want good images you need the hardware to produce it. You dont see Metal artists banging on pots and pans to make music...never mind;
More importantly, pro cameras are pro for  a reason, they have a huge option of creativity when taking raw images and once you get the hang of it you'll be producing masterpieces...i hope

4. Photoshop,Adobe Lightroom, something to edit your pictures
80% of photos you see were not taken from the camera straight to the scene(i totally made up that percentage). Photo editors like Photoshop will make your pictures look snazzy(yes snazzy)
which brings to my next point

5. Shoot in RAW if you have a Camera that can.
This is mostly out to the people with DSLRs or something that shoots RAW. I can tell you from experience that I have taken some crappy photos. But since i shot in RAW, I play with the data a little to make it better. Photoshop has a program called Camera Raw that works Wonders!!

6. Lastly, for now at least, Light is your GOD from now on
A camera basically is an instrument that captures light. A photograph is art from a camera when light is in an appealing fashion to the human brain. yes, you have to think of it that basic. once you get an eye for good lighting, everything comes in place


Train Safe

Expect another post randomly, im not doin a schedule :p


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