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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rape Of Boston

Despite the vulgar title, i am speaking of the first of many awesome Jams by the name of Hubbable.

The Hubbable Jam 2011 was the largest jam Boston has seen. With over 300 in attendance, from many different states, this jam could be known as a national jam of awesomeness.

The jam started in Chinatown, where even though it started at 10am, Tracuers were eager to get there as early as 7am. (although Dylan Polin didn't get to his own jam untill an hour after formally starting)

After about 3 hours of jammage, the police came and broke it up. they were surprisingly chill about it. Respectfully saying that we cant do it here cause its private property. The also brought up a very interesting point that i think anyone trying to plan a jam or Parkour event, He said if we had permits to use the area then we could have stayed. And that makes sense, mostly cause it is private property owned by the state. Therefore if getting permits from the state is all we need to get the cops out of our best spots, i say go the extra effort. But i say only do this if you have a sponsored jam (hubbable was sponsored by monster energy) or if your looking to get some cash from the jam.

* as a side note i've been thinking of doing a jam for Japan, if anyone is interested contact me via email or facebook.

So after we move out of china town, we book it to the North end and Charlestown to this sweet little spot called Baby Pool. Very public place. when we got there, there were skaters there. 15 mins in, the skaters were gone. A very interesting point i might add to our experience in baby pool is, there were two cops there also. But strangely enough, they just stood there and watched us. They even kinda asked some questions as to how we were doing this.

The jam then went on to the New England Sports Academy in Westwood, Ma...or just NESA. Since Dylan Polin works there we got a sweet hook up with the humongous gym and all its facilities. These videos are a pretty good representation of what went down:

And im sure you can find more videos as you browse youtube.

Something i learned from this experience is:
   no matter where your from, or what you look like, or how ever crazy you are...If your a tracuer, your family.
   Also, the police are on your side. so if someone of authority asks you to leave a matter how good it is, they are just doing there job. they know more laws than you do.

Thats it for this blog, sorry it wasn't alot of words of wisdom.

Since there wasn't alot of wisdom heres some: Life is like this picture. Big Man...Little Hub Shirt

Train safe and jam hard

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ask The Sun About The Future, She'll Say Its Bright. Ask The Rain, He'll Say The Sun Is An Asshole

Things that have been on my mind lately:
  I wanted to talk about the difference between parkour and freerunning, or how people are losing touch with the true nature of parkour...but i wont.
   Too many people talk about that, and I'm not one to do what everyone else does. Its the reason I started Parkour in the first place.
   At my school, in the rural/city of Brockton, we fall into the category of 'those kids'. Its like a high school you see in the movies. some things are different, for example: there's not alot of PUBLIC bullying. We have those cliques that have the usual suspects, but they all mesh together.
   Freshman year, I didnt fit in anywhere. My primary goal was to become one of the 'cool kids'. I had just spent 3 years of my life being that nerdy kid who though he was smarter than everyone (for my defense: i did not think i was smarter than everyone, I just knew more than them...random information.). I had a few friends that I guess they pitied me so much that they chose to give me a chance. Those kids are my best friends now.
   Now i didnt know about Parkour, WHATSOEVER. I never even thought of the movement i saw when i first started. I saw the world through the eyes of a prisoner...a prisoner of my own mind, a prisoner of my fear.

What I'm getting at is, We were all once that person, a prisoner. You cant deny it. Only what you've done since you hit your knees for the first time doing a kong vault and saying: 'Lets try again', have you been released from that prison.

  Life is the greatest teacher, You can chose to learn from it, or you can ignore it and get no where.
  Life teaches through pushing you, seeing when you'll crack under pressure and give up.
Give up and crawl back to your prison

  Once i started parkour, It was like the start of an intricate plan to escape this prison.
  I have done more things in my life these last 3 years than i have in my whole life.

  I found the greatest love of my life Deanna Marshall, only because I escaped the fear of any consequences I might face. (my father is was and still is the most ignorant person i have come in contact with...)
  I found 2 families I can call my own. One being my girlfriends family. The other being Team Hub Freerunning Of Boston, Massachusetts.
  I found my goal in life, Being a Photographer. Only cause I risked $609.37 on a camera i didnt know how to use. But i told myself that i would go for it.
   Most importantly, I've learned to look at myself. I say thats the most important because people go there whole lives trying to change other people into what they want them to be, When all they need to do is change themselves.
                       Its easier to change yourself than to change the world...

So this Blog was mainly for those people who are still curious about what parkour is.

well parkour is whatever you want it to be.

it can be your ticket out of a broken home when you get that sponsorship with some company

it can be that stress relief you need when your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you because they are moving away and theres nothing you can do to stop it.

it can be the only thing that keeps you from joining a gang, or from drugs, or from murder.

I'm saying that parkour isn't just movement.Freerunning isn't just movement.

They are life. Hell, it could be a religion.

Everyone has there reasons for doing parkour.

Just cause they don't have the same reasons as you doesn't give you the right to tell them they aren't doing parkour, or that they should do this or that.

Excuse my French but : Shut The Fuck Up And Trace.

Cause the future of parkour and freerunning is like the weather. They are alway conflicting each other, but some people like to go out during a thunderstorm.

Im one of those people

Train safe...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sticking To Yourself

90% of parkour is just doing. theres no thought, theres just: hell yea im going for it.
If you dont believe me then think for a second, anytime you hit any technique you basically didnt think about it, youve been doing it so long that it just comes to you. Also, when your starting new techniques most of the time your gonna tell yourself: just go for it.

Going for it is important. Spring is coming round and all the tracuers are coming out of hibernation from tricking. for those of you who live in warmer climates: screw you i didnt ask to be here :p

Over the winter we tend to stay in gyms and train since its safer. but when the warmer weather comes around, what will that gym time be worth?

I've recently been to a gym jam and granted, i did somethings i would never do outside. But thats what we as Practitioners need to do. We need to strive to be 'invincible' let no obstacle get in our way, no matter how cushiony or hard it is.

I mean Parkour is basically overcoming obstacles.

Just today, i was crossing the street. I know right? EPIC
Anyways, i was crossing the street and there was a truck that pulled in front of us as i was walking (i was with friends). Since i didnt want to walk all the way around the truck... i just went under. My friends went around. i saved at least 10 seconds on them , maybe more. Then i saw as the truck pulled away, how incredibly dangerous that stunt i just did. if i had tripped, got caught on an axle, or the truck just pulled away...i would not be writing this work of art of a blog.

But i went for it. granted i was being stupid. But Danny Illabaca jumped a 20 foot gap that was thirty feet down...and all just for a video. compare my experience to that and youll kinda get my point.

In parkour you have to take the risk, a couple of seconds could mean life and death.

And we all know that. We have seen...and in some cases experienced, near death experiences.
But do you see anyone making those mistakes again?

Parkour is young, its up to us to make the mistakes first.

And thats why we train. to learn.

So if your coming out of a gym now to start street training again, what are you going to do? what have you learned that you are going to incorporate in your movement.

More importantly, what are you going to Teach others so that they dont hurt themselves.

For the novices I have some advice:
Take training slow, steady.
Im not gonna say, At Your Own Pace, because you guys are cocky...and thats mostly by fault of the generation before you and how we learned from the guys who learned from the first guys.
Try to do simple but repetitive movement. be able to do the move without even thinking.

Once you get to the point where your like: how the hell did i get on this pole 5 feet in the air. you have become a natural.

And for my experienced people:
We gotta train the generation better.
there are so many Television distractions that get in the way of what true parkour is.
We need to educate them in the ways of true practitioners.
And we need to get them to hate Main Stream Media :p

This is my second serious blog, tell me how im doin and what i should cover.

Give me constructive feedback...
Although i am adept in trolling so be prepared for a fight\\

train safe guys