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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rape Of Boston

Despite the vulgar title, i am speaking of the first of many awesome Jams by the name of Hubbable.

The Hubbable Jam 2011 was the largest jam Boston has seen. With over 300 in attendance, from many different states, this jam could be known as a national jam of awesomeness.

The jam started in Chinatown, where even though it started at 10am, Tracuers were eager to get there as early as 7am. (although Dylan Polin didn't get to his own jam untill an hour after formally starting)

After about 3 hours of jammage, the police came and broke it up. they were surprisingly chill about it. Respectfully saying that we cant do it here cause its private property. The also brought up a very interesting point that i think anyone trying to plan a jam or Parkour event, He said if we had permits to use the area then we could have stayed. And that makes sense, mostly cause it is private property owned by the state. Therefore if getting permits from the state is all we need to get the cops out of our best spots, i say go the extra effort. But i say only do this if you have a sponsored jam (hubbable was sponsored by monster energy) or if your looking to get some cash from the jam.

* as a side note i've been thinking of doing a jam for Japan, if anyone is interested contact me via email or facebook.

So after we move out of china town, we book it to the North end and Charlestown to this sweet little spot called Baby Pool. Very public place. when we got there, there were skaters there. 15 mins in, the skaters were gone. A very interesting point i might add to our experience in baby pool is, there were two cops there also. But strangely enough, they just stood there and watched us. They even kinda asked some questions as to how we were doing this.

The jam then went on to the New England Sports Academy in Westwood, Ma...or just NESA. Since Dylan Polin works there we got a sweet hook up with the humongous gym and all its facilities. These videos are a pretty good representation of what went down:

And im sure you can find more videos as you browse youtube.

Something i learned from this experience is:
   no matter where your from, or what you look like, or how ever crazy you are...If your a tracuer, your family.
   Also, the police are on your side. so if someone of authority asks you to leave a matter how good it is, they are just doing there job. they know more laws than you do.

Thats it for this blog, sorry it wasn't alot of words of wisdom.

Since there wasn't alot of wisdom heres some: Life is like this picture. Big Man...Little Hub Shirt

Train safe and jam hard

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