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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Coexist with Your Environment

I have come to a astounding revelation about my life and parkour: I do not go through my life overcoming obstacles and finding new ways to do so... I go through my life learning how to coexist with my problems, and I find new ways to deal with stress.

Your problems are going to be there, just like how once you get over a 10 foot wall, Its still there.
When Bruce Lee talks about flow, He says to be like water. He says that when water is put into a cup it becomes the cup. The water doesnt destroy the cup, it adapts to its surrounding.

I think that alot of people, whether you practice parkour or your just another sidewalker, take life as an obstacle.
"I have to get through school to get a good job and make money. Once I'm 60 ill retire and not work ever again"

This is the Dream of many people, but is it too much to handle?

The old saying: "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"

School, in the minds of every teen, (trust me I know) is an obstacle.

State Exams, Tests, Quizes, SATs, ACTs, NSQMTs, and Mid-Terms and Finals

They consider these obstacles they have to overcome to have a better life.

They whine and complain to there parents about everything, and there parents reply: " When you get into 'Real' life you'll use these skills"

I have learned that we are already in real life. The way our brains are wired these days is to overcome obstacles rather than accept there existence and exist along side them.

I think that this is due to the fact that alot of people dont know that Kanye West is right... You dont need to go to college, or even graduate from high school, to be successful in life.

You just need to know how to make money.

This affects more of the novices in parkour, but also veterans that have plateaued. They tend to look at there training as an obstacle.
" I wanna get side flips down today"
ok good, what next?

You reach that level but what next? work on something else?

This concept plays back to progression. Some people are moving to fast. They feel like there is just another obstacle to overcome and with all the sources to learn from, they tend to learn too much and thats when injuries happen. I see alot of videos of kids who have been training shorter than i have, younger than me, and they are jumping of huge gaps, and throwing dangerous tricks. Some kids dont even know how to roll properly.

Its nice that you know how to jump 15 feet to a cat and climb up...but how many times can you do it before getting exhausted? What can you do thats not just to show in a video?

Progression is key. Our brains are wired to think of everything as an obstacle rather than coexisting with them. So we tend to get restless and bored when doing repetitive movement.

But i'd rather have that muscle memory, than the muscle damage. I'd rather have the instincts rather than the body aches.

The first wall trick i ever wanted to do was wall spins. That was three years ago. I just got them a couple weeks ago and i can pull them off instinctively now. If you tell me wall spin, I got you before you finish your sentence.

But thats from me trains palm spins on the ground for three years. My muscles know just what to do when the situation arises. Same with every other move. I'm not perfect at them, I still have alot of work. But I'm satisfied with my progress ( granted my guilty pleasure is to learn how to flip, Im kinda going fast on that but i still haven't got them...three years guys...)

But i still see novices throwing sketchy wall spins that look like they are butchering the movement, or they are just throwing themselves into it. Sure, they got the move down, but life is a long term, not a Now. Will you remember how to do that move in a couple weeks or months of no parkour? Injury does happen, and will render you helpless.

My main point is: The philosophy of parkour has been tainted by todays society. We can't get over problems, Once you get over one problem there is just gonna be another one in your way. Knowing to deal with the fact that you are always going to be faced with problems and that there just is no end to it, will help greatly.

Life is about balance. Yin and Yang. Theres a reason the yin and yang are drawn so close together.

Good and bad


Train Safe every body.

*Sorry no pictures, I went to new york to train with UV and other tracuers (Max Henry is just a normal guy like you and me ok guys...) I didnt feel like taking pictures cause it was like my mini vaca. I went to the pillow fight which was fucking clutch.

But Hub is up to big things, especially with (B)east Coast coming up. We are trying to get that trip sponsored so if anyone can help please contact me via Email.

But I gotta leave something so ill give you guys some videos of my inspirations and Justin "Jet" Sheaffer (Spelled that right on my first try) Whom of which was the inspiration for me to talk about this topic.

Please spread this blog
I know it might be alot of work but just copy the link and post it to a parkour group on facebook or talk about it...or ANYTHING!!

I want to do this on a regular basis. and not just my views on parkour, but I wanna post things you say, and what the community as a whole thinks. I mean, I could be wrong...But you'll never have the satifaction of proving me wrong unless you give your opinion. And I take critisim very well...Im an artist lol.

So any recognition would be nice.

And also if your an art person, or just a Tracuer looking to put some parkour pics up to show your style, I make prints and am currently selling my own photography, Both Parkour and my Fine arts. So Email me if interested.

As Promised:

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